Agency pedigree, startup hustle.

Spool is the fastest growing PR agency in the world because we deliver exceptional work for our clients and we put our people before profits — a unique approach to marketing with partnership, equity and hustle.

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A unique approach to marketing with partnership, equity and hustle.

Our clients are our partners. It’s our job to bring proactive, business-driving ideas and strategies to support their growth and success. We do it by embracing a business and entrepreneurial mindset because that’s who we are.

We push ideas further, we understand our clients’ industries and competitors, and we deliver opportunities to push them ahead of the pack.

Who we are.

We believe in an empathetic and people-focused workplace.

We support our employees, promote full lives outside of work and know that our company is not successful unless our partners and employees are successful too.

A new model for a new day.

Spool was founded by a cohort of media and agency expats back in 2018 who believed in a new agency model for today’s companies and brands. So we set out to build it.

Four years later, we’ve grown — launching dozens of brands, established an investment arm and a start-up arm, and have given back to our community. And we’re just getting started.

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