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How a “Reimagined” Agency Supports its People. All of them.

Spool was founded on the belief that the world doesn’t need *another* agency, but it does need a new type of agency.

Spool is a cohort of industry-proven strategists, creatives, brand builders, and communicators who want to do awesome work and find new ways to get there based on what has and hasn’t worked in other industries. Our team structure is built on a modular, remote workforce with hour and location variety. Our roles vary in participation, from full-time, consultant, partner, and freelance. We built Spool, intentionally, to be a place that offers flexibility and expects accountability, and it works. Very well, in fact.

Spool has been focused from day one on being a better place for its people, no matter their role or title. We work free of BS and there is no tolerance for politics, drama, or ego. Our mission is to expand and diversify our agency, and through example, our industry.

Because of Spool’s commitment to reimagining what an agency can and should look like;

Because of a dedication to our people, no matter if they’re salaried, freelance or part-time;

Because I was raised by a woman who set an example of what it means to simultaneously grow a career while raising a family (thank you, Mama)…

I am very excited to announce that Spool will offer all of its non-salaried workers (contractors, consultants, and freelancers) a “Family Leave Bonus” for when they’re expecting a new baby into their family. This will ensure that our contractor, consultant, and freelance team members (moms and dads alike) have the opportunity to take the time off to tend to their growing family while continuing to receive a discretionary bonus for three months from Spool.

We are the only agency (I did a lot of searching!) that is doing this and I hope others may follow suit by our example.

In this new workforce, where we’re working from all over, remotely, let’s take the opportunity to really push ourselves in reimagining how and what an agency can do for its people, all of them.

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