Resources for CMOs Seeking New Chapters

In light of recent layoffs happening across sectors and industries, there are many brilliant folks who find themselves looking for their next / new roles. We have seen this first hand among our clients and industry friends, many of which are at the executive and CMO levels. 

As someone who considers networking a love language, we compiled some resources for folks, especially in the executive marketing space, as they navigate their next chapter especially in the CMO/executive marketing space. This list is by no means exhaustive, in fact, it’s barely scratching at the surface, so please add other opportunities, links and resources in the comments that may be helpful. 
If you’re reading this and have found yourself on the receiving end of a recent layoff or organizational restructure, I’m happy to connect and to help with more dot-connecting and ideas. Feel free to find time for us to connect. 
With that, here are some companies and resources that may be of help:


Catalant has spent ten years helping top-tier independent consultants and boutique firms forge their paths and build their practices. Collaborate with expert talent and find meaningful work with leading brands through a partnership with Catalant. 


Whether you’re growing rapidly or short a key player, BTG‘s on-demand interim executives will help you fill the gap with effective leadership. With classical training from the big firms and on-the-ground operating experience, they’ve got the skills you need to maintain business momentum.


CMOX‘s Fractional CMOs are growth-focused strategic experts. Moreover, profitability in campaigns is crucial to what we understand success with a client to be.



Bolster matches CEOs with executives, mentors, and board members without the hassle of traditional talent sourcing. 



The CMO Syndicate is a diverse team of global Chief Marketing Officers who are available to serve as interim or part-time CMOS or to handle strategic marketing projects for companies


Chief Outsiders

Fractional CMOs from Chief Outsiders work with you to develop strategic insights, formulate branding strategy, and oversee a marketing transformation that will get you – and keep you – on top of your competitive marketplace. They embed with your leadership team and seek to understand your business objectives in order to  to develop fresh and impactful marketing strategies that will drive growth for your organization.


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