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Three Things I’ve Learned at Spool

As I near my first year of working at Spool and as we celebrate our 3rd

One: I have always appreciated how Spool leaders constantly put effort into creating fun experiences that lead to a strong team relationship. From virtual happy hours to online book clubs, the team-building experiences continue to be the reason why we are such a successful and hard-working team. Whether in person or virtually, meeting regularly helps with building confidence and stronger relationships with clients and co-workers. Recently, our team was finally able to (safely) come together for an all-day team meeting. This consisted of team-building exercises, team brainstorming, and, of course, a whole lot of laughs! One activity that allowed us to come together was our session with Second City. We were faced with fun activities that made us think on our toes and learn that everyone has their own way of communicating. It made me realize the importance of team building, especially after a challenging year of not being able to be in person.

Two: The culture in the work world is and has always been a big factor for me. At Spool, there is compassion, commitment, and creativity. Personally, I have been able to bring all three of these to the table through client brainstorming sessions, my passion for being 1% better each day, and never being afraid to bring my opinions to the table.

Three: It is important to surround yourself with people who build you up. My Spool co-workers have shaped me into someone whom I’d never thought I would be: strong, independent and confident. I am truly thankful for each and every single team member for allowing me to take on new challenges, demonstrate new skills (even when it means making mistakes), and grow into the dependable person and professional I am today.

Overall, I cannot imagine starting my career anywhere other than Spool. Every day I learn something new. Becoming a “Spooler” has energized me to be part of the dynamic PR industry and I look forward to working with more amazing Spool clients to create successful outcomes!


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