Fresh Thyme

Client: Fresh Thyme

Industry: Grocery

Our Role: PR Strategy and Execution


Spool’s work with Fresh Thyme positioned the brand as a leader in the natural, health and wellness, affordable and local grocery space, an industry heavily saturated by big-name players. Competing against those big-name players and their large budgets, means Fresh Thyme’s communications must be laser-focused and consistent. That brand consistency is reinforced by Spool’s focus on four key brand pillars for Fresh Thyme: real food, real value, real experience and real local. Each of these key components impacts everything from messaging to partnership opportunities, making sure chosen partners align to Fresh Thyme’s four main pillars.

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Increasingly, consumers crave transparency when it comes to the products they buy or services they invest in. Additionally, consumers are cooking more due to the social climate and not everyone has the means to purchase expensive natural essentials. Fresh Thyme wanted to show its commitment to serving the community by offering customers full transparency all whilst ensuring the products they sell are healthy, real and nutritious.


To bring the Fresh Thyme story to life, Spool tapped into credible brand experts, such as Meghan Sedivy, Fresh Thyme’s Corporate Registered Dietitian and Health & Wellness Strategy Manager. Spool pitched her as an expert in health, wellness, cooking and recipe-building for regional broadcast segments in Fresh Thyme’s top markets, touting her expertise through reactive opportunities for nutritional insights and tricks. Additionally, key partnerships were developed that aligned with Fresh Thyme’s brand pillars. As an example, the partnership with Regal Salmon exemplified Fresh Thyme’ devotion to locally sourced, healthy and real food.

Fresh Thyme Market paper bag with fresh produce spilling out
Fresh Thyme Market storefront


Over 3X increase in impressions over 2020, achieved goal of 2 broadcast placements per month (35 total)

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increase in impressions
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broadcast placements per month
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