nutribullet Thanksgiving Side Dish Smoothies

Client: nutribullet

Industry: Kitchen Appliance

Our Role: PR Strategy and Execution


  • The holidays are a peak season for any D2C brand, and nutribullet is no exception.
  • However, during the 2022 holiday season, nutribullet found itself without a new product to launch to garner earned media coverage and grab consumer’s attention.
  • Partnering with Spool, nutribullet set out to create its own news and insert itself into the ongoing holiday conversations in a meaningful, authentic, and unique way.


  • Playful foods and unique ingredient combinations had been on the scene for quite some time — hello Airheads Candy Chicken Sandy — and this trend saw no signs of slowing down ahead of the 2022 holiday season.
  • Committed to making everyday nutrition exciting, nutribullet saw the perfect opportunity to blend up Thanksgiving 2022, with smoothies of course. Did this take the brand’s commitment to nutrition, innovation, speed, and convenience too far? We’ll let you decide that for yourself.


  • Working with nutribullet’s resident registered dietitians and recipe developers, the team created eight smoothie-fied versions of consumers’ favorite Thanksgiving side dishes to celebrate and invigorate their tried-and-true presence on the holiday table.
  • Spool put out a full court press to share the recipes far and wide through consumer lifestyle and food, plus general news outlets, inviting consumers to visit nutribullet’s website for the ingredients list and step-by-step instructions.

Media Results

    The creativeness of these smoothies broke through and had media raving about these recipes — stating that they are a must try. The recipes got in front of consumer food publications, such as Delish and Foodsided, and consumer lifestyle publications, such as Nerdist and Trendhunter. All in all, we garnered 15 earned placements and over 200M earned impressions.
nutribullet campaign highlight
  • Delish put in their order — “We’ll take one stuffing smoothie, pls”.
  • Nerdist asked, “if you’re open to new additions to the Thanksgiving table, why not give these side dish smoothies from nutribullet a try?”
  • Trendhunter boasted that these smoothies “turn beloved holiday side dishes into standout beverages.”
  • Foodsided defended the unique kitchen creations by saying, “Before everyone balks at this idea, there is some merit to reimagining those classic flavors. Sure, people can see a pumpkin pie smoothie, but a savory smoothie could be better than a dry turkey.”
    • Moving past the smoothie recipes, Foodsided encouraged consumers to use their nutribullet blender to help their traditional Thanksgiving cooking — “That nutribullet can be the holiday cooking workhouse.”
In just over a month and with a budget of less than $20K, Spool delivered:
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