Client: Anycart

Industry: e-grocery

Our Role: PR and Influencer Strategy and Execution


Consumer grocery shopping trends changed dramatically as the world entered lockdown due to COVID-19. Many grocery brands were caught flat-footed in preparing for the rapid shift to online shopping while the online grocery market saw a massive increase in demand. As a new player in the e-grocery space, Anycart needed to build awareness with the business landscape, focusing on consumers secondarily, as a better alternative to other online grocery services. Unlike competitors, Anycart’s technology powers a robust grocery shopping engine that sets it apart from other large and established services. In order to introduce Anycart against these large competitors, it was critical to credibly gain the attention of both consumer and business audiences.

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Knowing Anycart was entering a very saturated market, we needed to position the brand as a disruptor in the grocery e-commerce category to both consumers and grocery trades. We knew that Anycart had the potential to be a strong player in the category, and that consumers were looking for someone to challenge major companies like Instacart after a year of price markups and inaccessibility. With a successful beta period and unique technology abilities that competitors could not speak to, Spool knew that Anycart had a unique solutions-oriented story to tell when officially launching their app.


Spool determined that an exclusive with a top tier business publication placement would be the best way to make waves upon launching Anycart. Prior to the initial press release, Spool was able to secure a placement that would get the Anycart story in front of consumers and businesses with an extremely credible publication — Forbes. Coverage included key brand messaging and a spot-on headline, resulting in a huge initial impact for the brand. From there, we distributed a press release and engaged in widespread earned media outreach, garnering additional placements in key publications, as well as partnered with target-right influencers to help drive home the brand message and unique features.

Anycart app comps
anycart shopper


In total, Spool’s efforts garnered 274 placements and 233,465,479 impressions (compared to the initial goal of 110-150 placements/120M impressions) through target-right publications like Forbes, Progressive Grocer, Business Insider and Yahoo! Finance.

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