Client: Fluresh

Industry: Cannabis

Our Role: PR Strategy and Execution


An emerging brand in the cannabis industry, Fluresh was looking to differentiate itself in a quickly expanding market by demonstrating their core brand principles. Fluresh wanted to use PR to highlight their unique focus on their community impact, while also communicating the stories of their premium cannabis products.

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, issues of justice and equity continue to be at the forefront. Fluresh believes they have an obligation to conduct business in a way that betters their communities, pairing industry-leading products with an ongoing investment in programming and advocacy to help all communities Fluresh together.

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Fluresh’s ability to authentically own their community impact story would fall flat if it weren’t demonstrated on a regular basis. The brand identified four key areas for impacting their community; equitable workforce development, a mentorship program, environmental sustainability and advocacy and service for those who have suffered from cannabis incarceration. Spool developed a two-prong plan to promote both Fluresh’s high-end cannabis products and their ongoing efforts to positively impact their community.


To maximize Fluresh’s brand awareness, Spool uniquely segmented our approach between Fluresh’s consumer and trade audiences. Consumer angles focused on unique ties between the benefits of cannabis, Fluresh’s premium products and existing events. As an example, for World Sleep Day, the brand promoted the top Fluresh Collection products and strains that help consumers get the sleep they need. In targeting the trade, Fluresh and Spool focused on initiatives that aligned with the brands core values, demonstrating action to support them. For National Women’s Month, outreach focused on Fluresh’s female leaders, pitching them as leaders in the evolving cannabis industry and offering insight and experience for women looking for a career in cannabis. To help promote social equity in the cannabis industry, in tandem with

During this same month, Fluresh launched their Accelerator Program in an effort to create a more inclusive industry statewide and beyond. Selected participants were given the opportunity to partake in educational mentorship programming that provided skills, knowledge and resources to community members seeking opportunity through cannabis. Less than one month later, Fluresh launched its Clean Slate Initiative, where $1 for every pack of their new, limited edition Creamberry ⅛ Jars and 5ct Pre-Rolls went to supporting statewide expungement efforts.

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